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HK Stages is an event company specializing in stage rental, lighting, trussing, event production, and event planning services in Austin Texas and surrounding areas.

What is our reason for existing?

We saw an ever so common circumstance – excessive pricing for mediocre event staging. We took hold of an opportunity to give clients more value for their buck, while increasing quality and executing with precision.

How can we more daringly affirm our reason for existing?

HISTORICALLY: Staging companies will hire employees whom are not dedicated or genuinely interested to grow within the event industry. We wanted to change this. Bringing in like minded labor whose core values revolve around event production and creativity is key. Compensation takes a front seat. Lifting 150 pound staging decks is no easy task. Add stairs and long hauls to the equation, and you have a job that is physically demanding. We take care of our contractors and give them exactly what they deserve – fair compensation, confidence, and an opportunity for growth.

ETHICALLY: Teaching ourselves and our team what is right and wrong, good and bad makes for better and longer lasting relationships. From starting a diesel truck properly, to constantly being respectful and mindful whenever we are around clients. The principles that we strive to instill in ourselves and our team go well beyond the work place environment.

EMOTIONALLY: HK is invested. We know how much events cost. We understand that stakes are high, that relationships are counting on us, and that circumstances are unique. We put our hearts into every job, where client communication and understanding is paramount. This is a serious job. People are relying on us. We understand that.

PRACTICALLY: We pitch realistic ideas / quotes in an attempt to best conform under client needs. Giving someone what they want with nothing but fairness in mind is very important. Keeping a low profile throughout the load in and strike process mirrors our respect for the intense process associated with producing an event.

Along with staging, HK also owns an extensive inventory of trussing, lighting, and video wall. Take a look at our equipment page for further info.